Billy Mitchell Says He Didn’t Cheat, Will Have his World Record High Scores Reinstated

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The plot thickens…Anyone that has watched the indie video game movie ‘The King of Kong’ will remember Billy Mitchell, the former Donkey Kong Guinness world record holder famously beat Steve Wiebe in the movie to take the title of best kong player and take a number of world firsts and highest scores on the original Donkey Kong arcade machine. Well since then it has come to light that Mr Mitchell may have used an emulator and not the original arcade machine to attain his high scores and so has been stripped of the title that he has held for 35 years which has subsequently been given to the world number two and other star of the movie Steve Wiebe.

Billy went on record with Old School Gamer magazine to say that a full investigation is being conducted that will hopefully see his title reinstated.

Credit for the video goes to Youtube and it’s original uploader Ryan Burger