Here’s how SNES Donkey Kong Country might have looked with the Original Kong design

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When Rare released Donkey Kong Country for the Super NES in November 1994, they completely revised the design of the series main protagonist giving us the design we recognise today. But have you ever wondered how DK Country might have looked with the ‘classic’ Miyamoto design?

If it’s something that’s been bothering you for the past 24 years then you’ll be pleased to know that Youtuber SpacePig22 has created a demo of what might have been.

SpacePig had this to say

In the 90’s Rareware was given the opportunity to redesign one of Nintendo’s biggest mascots, Donkey Kong, and rendered him using state-of-the-art, prerendered, CG graphics. After seeing concept art though I got around to thinking, “What if Nintendo had been more strict with its IP, and told Rareware to stick with Miyamoto’s old design for DK and DKJr?

Unfortunately as it stands this is, at the moment simply proof of concept as SpacePig admits he has no idea how to turn this into a working patch for users of the game.