Nintendo Switch Games SHOCK: Huge news makes for bad reading for Sony PlayStation

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Dom Peppiatt for the Daily Star on how Nintendo’s newest hybrid handheld/home console could be about to smash even more records as the hardware giant has more potential news up its sleeve.

“Nintendo’s newest console is already immensely successful, but it looks like it has the potential to get even bigger over the coming year.

Having already smashed a series of impressive sales targets, the Switch might even close in on that magical 200,000,000 units sold figure – something no games console has managed to do since the runaway success of the PS2 over a decade ago.

The PS2, the world’s most successful games console in terms of sales, managed to ship 155,000,000 units as of 2012 – a good number, but one that the Nintendo Switch has every intention of leaving behind.

The Nikkei Asian Review predicts the Switch will hit this target within its lifetime, however, and steal that record right from under Sony’s nose… bad news for the company for sure, despite the continued success of the PS4 family of consoles.

En route to that massive number, the Switch will have to surpass sales of the PS4 – something many predictions point to the device doing this year.

That in itself is going to be a blow to Sony, who so far this generation has been at the top of the hardware charts without seemingly even noticing thanks to its dominance of about 3:1 units sold against the Xbox One.

The Nikkei Asian Review predicts the Switch’s runaway success but it’s worth understanding why this figure of 200 million sales is so noteworthy”.

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