The Final Days of Grainger Games

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Kotaku Uk reports of the closing down of UK based games retailer Grainger Games from the perspective of those that worked there.

The closure of Grainger Games is likely to have come as a shock to many customers — but it’s been absolutely devastating for its employees. I spoke to three staff members about what it’s been like working for the company, how they reacted to the news of the closure and what they plan to do next.

Steph has managed to find a new job, but it’s a demotion with an accompanying pay cut. Stuart has only been able to find part-time work — and his wife has been forced to cut short her maternity leave to help support their four kids. Jane, meanwhile, has no idea what to do next. She started working for Grainger straight out of school a decade ago, and it’s the only job she has ever known.

Here are their stories.

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