The 5 Best PS4 Games of the Generation

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There’s no denying that the PlayStation 4 is a juggernaut in the console market space. Since it’s release in 2013 the PlayStation 4 has sold tens of millions of units worldwide and is home to some of the greatest games ever created in this or any other generation. 

In this article we are going to focus on 5 of the best games available on Sony’s machine right now, more specifically we will be looking at games that are exclusive to Console platforms, Games that set the PlayStation 4 apart from its rivals. 

Many ‘Best Games articles’ focus on a list of 10 or more games and that would be an easy list to populate considering the high quality and number of titles that have appeared on Sony’s machine. Instead we wanted to make things difficult for ourselves and focus on boiling it down to the games that we feel have had the biggest impact on us personally, as well as providing the most enjoyment overall.

Right, Everyone ready?

Good …So without further ado and in no particular order, prepare to be wowed and amazed as we reveal the games that in our opinion are the best available on PS4 right now.

Persona 5

Developer: P-Studio .         Publisher: Atlus / Deep Silver

The Persona games have always been a critically acclaimed series and the latest game in the franchise is no exception. Sitting with a 93 review score and 91 user score on Metacritic the games has been well received by reviewers and fans alike.

What really sets Persona 5 apart from other games in the genre is the amazing visual design, The art style looks incredible throughout the game, from the design of the characters and dungeons down to the tiniest details such as the fantastic visual style of the games menus.

Taking place in modern day Tokyo the story centres around the player and his move to a new college, the Shujin Academy after being falsely accused of assault.

During his time at the school your character joins a mysterious group named the Phantom Hearts whose daily lives include exploring a mysterious Supernatural realm known as the metaverse. This realm is home to physical manifestations of some of humanity’s worst subconscious desires.

During the game the player is tasked with battling enemies known only as The Shadows. The player does this by using physical manifestations of their own psyche called Personas, this is done as part of a group with the game featuring dungeon crawling as well as traditional RPG style combat, when not in the realm of the metaverse players live out there daily lives through various social interactions.

The Last Of Us Remastered

Developer: Naughty Dog          Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Ok, I know the last of us is strictly speaking a PS3 game and only a remaster on the PS4, but come on, how can this game NOT be on the list.

The Last of Us Remastered is exactly what it says on the tin, a remastered version of the original game, but when the original game is this good, who cares.The Last of Us takes place in a post apocalyptic future where many of the human race have mutated into grotesque zombie like creatures known only as the infected after the outbreak of a deadly virus that has wiped out most of mankind.

The story follows its two main protagonists Joel – a smuggler, and Ellie – a teenage girl, Isolated and alone the pair join forces and go about their daily business making their way to a place they will both be safe. As the pair make their way across the country they are repeatedly attacked by the infected as well as being lured and double crossed by various other people and factions along the way.

I won’t spoil the story for anyone that has still not played the game, but lets just say it’s an unforgettable experience that is hard to put down. Part of what makes the game so special are the dynamic and extremely personal social interactions between Joel and Ellie and the way that their relationship changes as the game progresses.

The PS4 version of the game features the majority of the DLC released on PS3 as well as enhanced graphical modes that let you choose between higher resolution or higher frame rates.

If you’ve still to play this game you’re missing out on one of the greatest story driven narratives ever committed to a video game, The game has been out a while and can be found pretty cheaply these days so there really is no excuse ….. go buy it!


Developer: From Software           Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Souls series of games are amongst the most popular games of all time, as well as being widely regarded as some of the most difficult and unforgiving. Gamers of all ages love the challenge of these games and the way that with minimal storytelling, and merely the faintest suggestion of what is going on in the world , the writers are able to tell intricate tales through clever artistic design and carefully chosen interactions with non player characters. As an unofficial chapter in From Softwares Souls series, Bloodborne is no exception.

Set in the fictional city of Yharnham, the game follows your player created character as you set out on a quest to slay beasts and evildoers and find out just what is going on in the city.

Just as with TLoU I won’t spoil the story for gamers yet to play the game, but I will say that continuing the tradition of the other games in the series this masterpiece does not disappoint.

Bloodborne changes up the games combat from other games in the Souls series with the addition of guns as well as special ‘trick weapons’. These weapons have multiple modes of use and are able to change form to suit different engagements the player may find themselves in.The inclusion of guns and trick weapons coupled with the removal of shields from the traditional Souls games forces players to adopt a less defensive and more attacking play style and rewards the player with health and damage for doing so, in this respect Bloodborne manages to feel both familiar yet different to other games in the series.

The story of Yharnham and that of your character is a twisted web of lies and half truths, The experience is unforgettable and one that any gamer owes it to themselves to play.

NieR: Automata

Developer: Platinum Games          Publisher: Square Enix

Developed by creative genius Yoko Taro and his team at Platinum games, NieR Automata is a game that simply has to be experienced.

The game begins with an incursion into a planet run by ‘the machines’ the games antagonists, and follows the story of it’s two main protagonists androids 9S and 2B as they take the fight to these robot creatures. What quickly becomes apparent is that things are not what they seem and more forces and motives are at play than immediately meets the eye, The games storyline features many interesting plot twists and turns that keeps the player guessing as to how the story will end.

The game features a mix of highly engaging combat (think God of War 1-3 rather than traditional RPG) as well as incredible storytelling that leaves the player intrigued and invested until the final credits roll…

…And speaking of final credits, just when you think the game has finished (Spoiler Alert) The game begins again, This time from a new perspective, telling a completely different side to the same story. And then, just when you think it surely MUST be finished for the second time … it does it again!

Having said this, the game never outstayed its welcome and leaves the player feeling satisfied and thrilled at the same time. The game features multiple endings, some are trivial and non consequential, whilst others lead to huge additional segments of the game that the player would have never knew existed, it encourages players to experiment and try additional paths and the way in which the game saves players progress encourages this.

In addition to the gameplay the games soundtrack has to be heard to be believed, many games have good music, few games can match the sheer magnificence of what NieR Automata achieves. Rather than tell You how good the music is, I think it best that you hear the music for yourself and make up your own mind, but in my opinion the games music is a rare standout in a sea of so so audio.

And so… Our final entry in our top 5 PlayStation 4 games of all time… which title takes the final place in the eyes of the Nintendo Fan team, You might be surprised to find out…

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Developer: Capcom Dimps           Publisher: Capcom

Ok, Ok Calm down,

Yes I know you were expecting Horizon Zero Dawn or Uncharted 4 or maybe even Shadow of the Colossus and these ARE all incredible games and the subject of much heated debate in the Nintendo Fan office, but overall when we counted the votes and discussed it over a coffee the reasons for choosing this game over the other contenders was obvious.

Streetfighter 2 is a game that many of the Nintendo Fan team grew up playing, hell I personally remember going to visit a friend who worked in our local games emporium just to play Street Fighter 2 when it released on the Super Nintendo way back in 1991 (Yes I really am that old) .

To this end, The series holds a special place in my heart. Many school playground disputes were settled out out of school of an evening, Not by fisticuffs, As was the tradition in my area back then, but by SF2 grudge matches round another players house, in this way the game actually changed my adolescence and my experience of growing up in a positive way. Debates about who would make the tea, which club to go to, what film to watch would all decided by your skills in the SF2 arena, I mained Guile, who for those that remember was ludicrously overpowered on the games initial release, So more often than not I had a pretty good shot at getting my own way.

Street fighter V released in 2016 to a rather lukewarm reception. Whilst the fundamental mechanics of the game were incredibly good, The game was missing a lot of features that were standard in many fighting games released at the time. Over the course of the last two years Capcom have revised and refined the game in many ways, adding in missing content including additional single player modes and fixing the games woeful online stability at launch.

What we have now in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is pretty much the perfect evolution of Capcom’s premier fighter boiled down to its purest form with incredible graphics, animation music and audio effects, The game literally looks like a playable cartoon with stellar artwork and assets across the board.

The games timing is perfect, and as any aspiring SFV Pro will tell you this is THE most important element of an online (or offline) fighter. Overall the game feels complete, it should have launched this way but Capcom have made good on it’s promise and delivered a near flawless experience, even if it has taken some time to get there. It’s no coincidence that the Street Fighter V World Championship and Capcom Pro Tour continue to draw huge crowds, both watched live by the audience and by viewers watching on Twitch and other Streaming services.

The games roster includes many characters that are familiar and instantly recognisable such as Ryu, Ken, Guile and other fan favourites, as well as new but welcome additions to the series. 

Overall, whether looking at the game from a nostalgic perspective or from the view of a newcomer fresh to the series it’s incredibly hard to argue that SFV is anything but a fantastic game and an amazing addition to the PlayStation 4 lineup.

So there it is, The Nintendo Fan Top 5 best games for the PlayStation 4.

It’s worth noting that honourable mentions must go out to some other PS4 classics that didn’t make the cut (as mentioned before, there was ‘heated’ debate in the office). 

So here they are, The games that created the most heat in our discussion but didn’t quite make the final cut (In order of argument level caused) … Horizon: Zero Dawn, Journey, Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Colossus and the The Last Guardian.

So what do you think…

Do you agree with our list, are we there or there about’s or have we completely missed the mark?

let us know in the comments section below.